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Actually, this isn't my first time in print. In 2013 I was lucky enough to get three definitions into 'Afterliff' - John Lloyd and Jon Canter's sequel to Douglas Adams and John Lloyd's 'The Meaning of Liff'.


Chances are you didn't buy that book, so here are those definitions again:

Brund n.
The mood you're in when you don't know what mood you're in.


Cobnash n.
Anything that falls out of your sandwich and into your drink.


Gawcott n.
A baby so ugly you can't even tell which way up it is.


If any of these words turn up in subsequent books of mine, don't complain to me if you don't know what they mean.




Here's me being interviewed by Jason Forrest for WCR


Not much else to say really, not until I can think of something funny to write. I'll get to it... I've been busy...


I've got some software that I can no longer be bothered to make all shiny and nice and fully Windows 10 compatible and stuff. I'll be giving them away here at some point in the future.


If you want to see some of my astrophotography, have a look here:



For now, here's my scope.


Interesting factoid though - The Moon on the book cover is a photo I took through my scope that Phil 'artified' for me.



What were you expecting? Pictures of pets? Hang on a bit, I'm figuring out how to upload a video of my squirrel.

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