Excerpts from The Long Lost Future

Time is notoriously tricky stuff.

It’s a pretty slippery concept for even the brightest of brainsteins. One of the most difficult concepts there is, in fact. Very hard to grasp indeed - in quite a number of ways.


Where does it come from? Where is it going? Why is it there? What, actually, is it?

Some of the tippy-toppest of top thinkers have even suggested that it doesn’t actually exist; that time is an illusion caused by… er, well… they’re not quite sure what it’s caused by - let’s just call it “energy” of some sort, that should cover it. Moving on…


It flows - though we don't know how, or why it chooses to flow in the direction it does; it can be stretched and warped - if luminaries like Roddenberry or Asimov are to be believed; it’s very probably infinitely long - not that anybody’s ever likely to measure it; it stops when you’re in love - which is nice; it slows down when you're moving, and it speeds up when you're not - which is daft, surely.


It also slows down when you’re bored and speeds up when you’re not. And that simply has to be the wrong way round.


Someone should complain.


You can make it, you can save it, you can buy it, you can spend it, you can waste it, you can serve it, you can tell it, and you can run out of it.


But one thing you can’t do is escape it.


Or so they say…


Randall didn't know he had a destiny until it interrupted his lunch one day; and it was bigger than he could possibly have imagined (his destiny, not his lunch).


That's when he met the mysterious Marcus Han - brainier than a clumsy butcher's floor, and secretly the richest man in the world, he would be Randall's companion and mentor through the challenges they must face in their struggle to stop the entire Galaxy from vanishing.


With a supporting cast of talking trees, mutant psychics, bungling cops, extremely refined resistance operatives, military trained birds, enlightened mushrooms, hallucinating AI units, cutlery collecting crabs, and his definitely EX-girlfriend to help him, he must travel back in time to the twenty-first century and begin again in a new, less tyrannical, timeline.


If his departed dad, the World Police, the Planimals, or the ancient aliens don’t stop him first that is…

The Long Lost Future Sample Chapters
Here's the first five chapters in PDF format for Adobe Reader. I hope you enjoy them.
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